Fibretech is one of the Leading Manufacturers of Fibreglass Products in Pakistan. the Company started its production in the year 1995 with medium size setup, within 5 years,  it developed its capability as full-fledged Company and became the leading manufacturers and supplier of fiberglass products in Pakistan.

Mr.Mohammad Shahid Memon played the important role in establishing and expanding this Company, who was previously Managing Partner of Fibrex Corporation, a Company Manufacturing Fiberglass products. Mr. Shahid Memon, who has dynamic personality, is the sole proprietor of Fibre Tech having rich experience of Over 18 Years in this field.With his experience and innovativeness he developed Fibre Tech fully and successfully as an industrial concern to manufacture and supply innumerable Fiberglass Products which are suitable for various Industries, Institutes, Universities, Banks, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Doctors, Building, Luxury Flats, Schools, Colleges, Pharmaceuticals Companies, Mosques, Sugar Mills, Clubs, Architects, Consulates, etc.

All our esteemed customers of previously mentioned concerns, National, Multinational and all around Pakistan, have been all, these long years utilizing our items with full satisfaction and thus, a considerable lot of them are very satisfied and willing to rework with us and  request new and variety of other products.

At Fibre Tech we are fully geared to meet all your requirements and convert your concepts into reality, we have Expertise, Technical Know-How, Facilities and Above All, the Will to Deliver.

We have Expertise, Technical Know-How, Facilities And Above All The Will To Deliver


  • To make fiberglass products an affordable item for the common man in Pakistan
  • To maintain quality on which there is no compromise
  • Give client real value for their money
  • Establish a company, which is ethical in all its dealing
  • To cater to the needs and demands of the client,efficiently
  • Impart training and share knowledge with employees and help them grow
  • Treat its employees not as paid workers but as partners in progress
  • Bring About a revolution in employers and employees relationship